A Day in the Life of an Event Planner


Our first events of the 2014 season kicked off on the same date. Yes that’s right, we designed and set up a sweet table for a bat mitzvah with 250 guests, as well as a wedding at Suite 701 the same evening. This is typically something we wouldn’t recommend or do for that matter, but we made it work! Not going to lie, we did have some minor worries about how we were going to manage the timeline, but hey, that’s our job and it was executed to perfection!

“Plant and Watch it Grow” Bat Mitzvah Sweet Table

Our sweet table design was inspired by our client’s invitDSC_1296ation for her bat mitzvah. It was a beautiful eco-friendly “plant and watch it grow” invite with bright spring watercolors. Even at the age of 13, we were impressed by her creative and “green” mind! We wanted to incorporate elements of nature, while keeping in mind pink and purple were her favorite colors.

After some time brainstorming, we realized what better way to incorporate the two than with an enchanted garden-themed sweet table! Every item on the table incorporated a garden-like element, from DSC_1290tulip-shaped cookies to cake pop flowers sprouting from flower boxes, and even mini daisy brownies. Even the cupcake icing technique was purposefully done to imitate a flower! The showpiece was a huge hit and most importantly, suited our client’s personality and overall theme they wanted to capture. A special shout to Luisa Rojas from Gateaux Shoppe for a wonderful collaboration that helped bring our theme and design to life!

Cookies, Brownies, Cake Pops & Cupcakes by: Luisa Rojas from Gateaux Shoppe  
Doughnuts by: Léché Desserts 

Kate & Larry’s Suite 701 Nuptials

Once the sweet table was complete, we headed straight over to event #2, Kate and Larry’s wedding at Suite 701. We wasted no time and got straight to work ironing out the photobooth backdrop and, essentially reorganizing the entire layout of Suite 701. One of the top priorities for Kate & Larry was a fun, party like atmosphere…and what a success that was; we don’t think the dance floor was ever empty! By incorporating activities such as an Instagram scavenger hunt as well as a photobooth, you can be sure there will be no dull moments, believe us! We had some good laughs that night with the eventagram app; a slide show of all their guests using the same Instagram hashtag. We also can’t forget to mention Larry, who was very adamant about Kate throwing a stuffed cat instead of her bouquet… we’re still not entirely sure where that inside joke came from but hey, it’s their wedding and it made for quite the spectacle!  Kate and Larry were smiling from ear to ear the entire night and had a great time. We wish them a very special life together filled with joy, happiness and love.

Venue: Suite 701
Flowers: Les Petites Excuse


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