A Day in the Life of an Event Planner


Our first events of the 2014 season kicked off on the same date. Yes that’s right, we designed and set up a sweet table for a bat mitzvah with 250 guests, as well as a wedding at Suite 701 the same evening. This is typically something we wouldn’t recommend or do for that matter, but we made it work! Not going to lie, we did have some minor worries about how we were going to manage the timeline, but hey, that’s our job and it was executed to perfection!

“Plant and Watch it Grow” Bat Mitzvah Sweet Table

Our sweet table design was inspired by our client’s invitDSC_1296ation for her bat mitzvah. It was a beautiful eco-friendly “plant and watch it grow” invite with bright spring watercolors. Even at the age of 13, we were impressed by her creative and “green” mind! We wanted to incorporate elements of nature, while keeping in mind pink and purple were her favorite colors.

After some time brainstorming, we realized what better way to incorporate the two than with an enchanted garden-themed sweet table! Every item on the table incorporated a garden-like element, from DSC_1290tulip-shaped cookies to cake pop flowers sprouting from flower boxes, and even mini daisy brownies. Even the cupcake icing technique was purposefully done to imitate a flower! The showpiece was a huge hit and most importantly, suited our client’s personality and overall theme they wanted to capture. A special shout to Luisa Rojas from Gateaux Shoppe for a wonderful collaboration that helped bring our theme and design to life!

Cookies, Brownies, Cake Pops & Cupcakes by: Luisa Rojas from Gateaux Shoppe  
Doughnuts by: Léché Desserts 

Kate & Larry’s Suite 701 Nuptials

Once the sweet table was complete, we headed straight over to event #2, Kate and Larry’s wedding at Suite 701. We wasted no time and got straight to work ironing out the photobooth backdrop and, essentially reorganizing the entire layout of Suite 701. One of the top priorities for Kate & Larry was a fun, party like atmosphere…and what a success that was; we don’t think the dance floor was ever empty! By incorporating activities such as an Instagram scavenger hunt as well as a photobooth, you can be sure there will be no dull moments, believe us! We had some good laughs that night with the eventagram app; a slide show of all their guests using the same Instagram hashtag. We also can’t forget to mention Larry, who was very adamant about Kate throwing a stuffed cat instead of her bouquet… we’re still not entirely sure where that inside joke came from but hey, it’s their wedding and it made for quite the spectacle!  Kate and Larry were smiling from ear to ear the entire night and had a great time. We wish them a very special life together filled with joy, happiness and love.

Venue: Suite 701
Flowers: Les Petites Excuse


Lovely&Lavish Holiday Photoshoot!


What’s a holiday without a little celebration, and we figured, what better way to celebrate this joyous and festive season than by giving our clients a behind the scenes look at the Ladies of Lovely&Lavish. Throwing away our work attire and tossing the iPads and laptops aside, we decided to strip away our business etiquette for an afternoon and show you who we really are; our funny, silly, creative and happy-go-lucky selves.

Rather than approach event planning in its typical form, we take pleasure in our art by working from a place of passion and fun, something that we hope you will see demonstrated through this cool and quirky photo shoot. Drawing inspiration from some of the best known young and chic designers out there, such as Lauren Conrad and Kate Spade, we strive to emulate their style but with a distinct L&L twist. And what better way to show you our distinct style than with an L&L photo shoot, exclusively designed and executed by two ladies who know L&L better than anyone else, US!!Fotor122481544

As the faces of our brand, we wanted to find a way to show you who we are, while at the same time, what we do. In order to display our brand in the best way possible, we found inspiration through our L&L logo color, Mint & Sea Foam. Featured throughout the shoot, this color helped tie together all of the shots and allowed us a way to put our stamp on the project. From our non-traditional tablescape to chasing balloons in the gusting wind, this shoot would not have been doable without hard work and dedication, not to mention, the support of a few specific people.


Calling in the best helping hands we know, we would like to thank those who made this project such a success:

Color Town Coiffure: Some of the best hairstylists in the city, these ladies are fun, friendly, professional and great hairdressers. We would like the thank Sam and Melina for making our hair look lovely. A special thanks to Kayla, Melanie’s sister who introduced us to the beautiful salon and is also a member of the Color Town team.

Chelsea Dawn Chawsky: Our go-to girl for make-up, this artist can make you look lovely and lavish in no time. For all brides-to-be, we highly recommend Chelsea for your upcoming nuptials; we promise you won’t regret it.


Lindsay Kennell: New on the scene, Lindsay is a photographer starting out in the industry, but you would never know it. Instructing us throughout the entire shoot, this young lady made us feel at ease and produced some excellent work.

Tiffany Pearce: What would a photo shoot be without a best friend? Wearing multiple hats, Tiffany is not only Kaylie’s best friend, but our editor in chief, behind the scenes photographer and one of our biggest fans, always there to encourage us and lend a helping hand when needed.

To everyone else who has supported us along this journey and helped make our shoot an enormous success, we would like to say a huge thank you and wish everyone a very lovely and lavish holiday!!!


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Throwing a Themed Party


Now we know that themed parties can often be perceived as cheesy, but be brave! A themed party done right can definitely be tasteful and entertaining. After all, sticking with a theme is an easy way to ensure your party packs a memorable punch. So whether you’re hosting an Under the Sea Birthday Celebration, a Backyard Country Hoedown or a Black and White affair… the Ladies of L&L are here to give you a few tips on how to host the perfect theme party!Theme-Party

Get crafty:

Throwing a party in general can be expensive and not everyone has the budget to spend countless dollars on decorations. So why not skip the overpriced party stores and use some of the many DIY websites such as http://www.pinterest.com as inspiration to make your own?! Remember… the dollar store can go a long way! And for all you non-crafters out there, there is still hope! Check out http://www.etsy.com you will be sure to find some items that suit your theme and/or price points!

Clarify the dress code:

If you want your guests to arrive wearing costumes, make sure it is clearly stated in the invitation. No one likes to be the only person in the room dressed as a mermaid or cowboy! Also, keep in mind that sometimes people get more stressed out about finding something themed to wear, rather than getting excited to attend the party itself. You know your crowd, so judge accordingly. If you don’t think your guests are up for the costume challenge, then keep in mind that if you are consistent with the theme in all the other details, you don’t need costumes to complete the puzzle! 

Create a signature drink:

There are endless possibilities when it comes to finding or creating a signature drink! Not everyone has the professional skills of a mixologist, so you can simply opt for a drink that suits your color pallet or even just make up a fun and theme appropriate name for your standard bar favorites.Theme-Party1

Label your food:

Try and come up with some fun and theme-appropriate names for the different foods you plan on serving at the party. No detail is too small! 

Set up a photo booth:

This is a cheap and easy way to carry out your theme using props, and it also gives your guests a chance to let loose and strike a pose! 

Get creative with the party favors:

If you plan it out right, your party favors can serve as part of the décor AND give your guests something to take home. Chocolate covered almonds are passé, so think outside the box! 

Follow through with your theme as much as possible:

We aren’t suggesting that you go out and buy new glasses, plates or serving trays that match your (probable) one time party theme BUT do try and work with what you got and get creative!

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